ED Group a.s.


The building plots located in Prague 13, southern part of Stodůlky, facing the sunny south-west, are projected to be built up with family houses. The currently vacant area was previously used for agriculture. A total of 39 new plots were established with an area ranging from 422 m2 to 870 m2. They are fully equipped with utility lines and new roads, public lighting, which should ensure good transport accessibility. The main access road is located on the eastern edge of the area and is designed as a part of the residential street with a maximum protection of pedestrians. The structure of the area is arranged in the shape of a downward funnel, the natural centre of which is occupied by the open-air museum "Řepora" with greenery and sheets of water.


In cooperation with the investor an architectural design of individual projected buildings was conceived. The buildings are subject to specific regulations based on the applicable zoning plan in force. The major criteria include a height of two-storey buildings with a roof. The concept of visualization of the new family houses primarily intends not to interfere with the existing built-up area and to come up with a composition layout which would allow clear and comfortable living, not creating any new unwanted landmark.

The basic mass concept of the newly designed area is a gradual transition of the residential housing estates bordering Jeremiášova Street into a separate quarter (residential suburb), which faces the central point, i.e. the natural open-air museum. The newly developed area includes a surface which will host an elementary school as well as sporting facilities. Last but not least, the inter-house area was taken into account as a matter of course. The landscaped green belt passing through the area from east to west, with retention ponds and pathways for pedestrians is sure to make the housing environment more pleasant and to offer beautiful views.

Ing. arch. Tomáš Pavlík